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" Guaranteed" (RCA Records)
Release Date: September 1991
Format: Catelog #
LP: PL 75055
Cassette: PK 75055
Compact Disc: PD 75055

More Detailed info:

1991 BMG Records (UK) Limited

Album Notes:
Mark King - Bass/Vocals,
Mike Lindup - Keyboards/Vocals
Gary Husband - Drums/Vocals/Keyboards
Wally Badarou - Keyboards/Vocals
Annie McCaig - Vocals
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Dominic Miller - Guitar
Gary Barnacle - Saxes
John Thirkell - Trumpets

Recorded and Produced by Level 42 and Wally Badarou at The Summerhouse
Mixed by Tom Lord Alge at The Hit Factory, New York
Photography: Front Cover: Andy Earl, Inserts: Patrick Eden, Design: Ryan Art.
'A Kinder Eye' is dedicated to the memory of Frances Robblee, George Green's mother-in-law
Thanks to George M Green, Drew Barfield, Stuart Newton at Warner Chappell Music, Ian, Louise, Jon Lemon, Howard Wicks at SSL, Chris at HHB Audio, Paul Crockford, Phillippa Watson at Paul Crockford Management, Steve Daniel, Simon Makepeace & Lionel Martin at Martin Greene Ravden, Paul Woolfe, David Irving, David Kent at Woolfe Seddon, Alison at Just Desserts, Pat Eden, Ron Bird, Tom Fritzy at The Hit Factory, thanks to all at RCA.

Chart Performance

UK US Japan
#3 Not known Not known
Track Song Title Version Writers Length
1 Guaranteed (M.Lindup/W.Badarou/M.King/G.Husband) 4:52
2 Overtime (M.Lindup/M.King/D.Barfield) 4:47
3 Her Big Day (M.Lindup/W.Badarou/M.King/G.Husband/D.Barfield) 5:09
4 Seven Years (M.Lindup/M.King/D.Barfield) 4:43
5 Set Me Up (M.Lindup/M.King/D.Barfield) 4:27
6 The Ape (M.King/G.Green) 4:15
7 My Ftaher's Shoes (G.Green/M.King/M.Lindup/W.Badarou) 5:14
8 A Kinder Eye (M.King/G.Green) 5:45
9 She Can't Help Herself (M.Lindup/M.King/D.Barfield) 5:23
10 If You Were Mine (G.Husband) 4:59
11 Lasso The Moon* (G.Green/M.Lindup) 4:02
12 With A Little Love* (G.Husband/M.King) 4:10

* Only available on the CD and cassette releases

  • Yes, but guaranteed what? Not just another Level 42 album, since this is about the least typical they've made. Pulled in various directions by the influences of guitarists Allan Holdsworth and Dominic Miller, and by the less than ecastatic response to the last LP, the songwriting has been tugged, challenged, and has snapped back sharper and fitter for it. "Guaranteed" is actually very good, an assured return to form.

    'Guaranteed', the single, and it's close harmonied chorus is an early example of how the vocals have matured. 'Seven Years' presents Mark King on fretless and divulges a chorus that sweeps around a beautiful sliding bass line, while 'Set Me Up' pits low synth bass and slapped fretted against each other.

    Side two offers the greatest contrasts and a chance for the guests to do their party tricks. Gary Barnacle's soprano sax work has an unaccustomed looseness and earthiness that really enriches 'The Ape' and 'With A Little Love'. Miller's acoustic guitar squeezes an almost bizarre Neil Diamond feel out of 'My Father's Shoes', while Holdsworth's fade out solo on 'If You Were Mine' flows ever more fluidly as the volume drops away. This last track probably says more about the album than the title number - renewed confidence, power without straining, and the willingness to learn and take chances. Not something new albums often guarantee you at all. By PC, Making Music - September 1991

  • Out of all the early '80s Brit-funkers it was only Level 42 who even made it off the starting blocks. Now, eleven years on and sadly mocked by critics at every turn, the band have survived events that would have shattered others (the founding Boon brothers departing the band in 1987; the death of replacement guitarist Alan Murphy two years later).

    'Guaranteed' is further proof that Level 42 have remained consistently, if facelessly, seductive and true to themselves, serenely noble in their indifference to everyone else's idea of their worth in pop. But this is England, where snobs will always be snobs...

    An ever-professional chrome-pastel glaze covers the craftmanship that sets them above many of their pop contemporaries. The subliminally memorable hooks threaded into silk-metal grooves and King's curiosly affecting bland robot vocal whine remain their inimitable hallmarks.

    'Guaranteed' is maybe a little too knowing a title. The only surprises are detractions, like when the smooth, musical glide occasionally breaks up into overshrill production, jazz-rocky clatter and overlong solos - from everyone except bassman King, of course. But those who love them will continue to. 3/5 by Mark Sinker, Select - September 1991



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